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For All Things Rose Weasley
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20th-Jul-2013 09:16 pm - Dark Witches Is Open For Sign Ups!
Dark Witches

Come and get your dark femmeslash fix at darkwitches!
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1st-Jul-2012 09:25 pm - Rose This Week (2-12 to 7-1)
Rose Wedding
Mod's Must Read Choice:
Amor Reciprocata Rose/Scorpius tielan one-shot

Mod's Other Must Read Choices:
You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto Rose/Scorpius sarahyyy one-shot
Among Other Things Rose/Scorpius tielan one-shot

Friendly Feud Rose/Scorpius ldymusyc one-shot
Expectations Rose/Pansy dexstarr one-shot
Worthy Rose/Teddy anonymous one-shot
First Impressions Rose/Scorpius mihnn one-shot
Price Rose/Scorpius florahart drabble
Then Again, Maybe I Won't Rose/Lily Luna luvscharlie one-shot
The Sun'll Come Up Tomorrow Rose&Hermione kitty_mrowr one-shot
With the Storm Rose/Scorpius shy_of_reality one-shot
Strength of the Snake Rose/Pansy bluemermaid drabble

Welcome Home Rose&Ron&Hugo pokings
Rose and Scorpius Rose/Scorpius Elrive
Rose Weasley and Lily Potter Rose&Lily DemonaNight
HP:blue butterflies Rose/Scorpius meru90
Cousins Rose&Lily&Dominique
I Do Rose/Scorpius Minos336
HP: Hogwarts Next Gen Rose&Al&Scorpius stupit-apit
18th-Feb-2012 12:57 pm - Voting Open at Next-Gen Awards
Voting is open at nextgen_awards. There are several dozen stories nominated in Gen, Het, Slash, and Miscellaneous categories located here. There is also an separate vote for next-gen art located here. The polls will close on Feb. 25, 2012.

11th-Feb-2012 03:48 pm - Rose This Week (1-15 to 2-11)
Rose Quidditch
Mod's Must Read Choice:
Glances Women Use When No Knife is Handy Rose/Scorpius pretty_panther one-shot

Amuse-Bouche Rose/Scorpius ladielazarus drabble
Don’t mess with the Weaselys Rose/Scorpius/Dominiqic imera one-shot
Scorpius Cinderelus Rose/Scorpius/Hugo wwmrsweasleydo one-shot
Expectations Rose/Pansy dexstarr one-shot
Good Luck Charm Rose/Scorpius drcjsnider drabble

Daddy's Girl Rose&Ron cinnamon-lady24
4th-Feb-2012 01:24 pm - Second Round: NextGen_Awards
Rose Swimsuit

Nominiations end this weekend. If you have some Rose stories or art you love that was produced between 2010-2011 please go and nominiate it at: nextgen_awards!
22nd-Jan-2012 09:17 pm - Round 2: NextGen Awards!
Scorpius and Rose - School Robes

Nominations for round 2 of the NextGen Awards have opened up!

If you have a favorite NextGen Story or Piece of Artwork that was posted in 2010 or 2011 which you think should be recognized please go to nextgen_awards and nominate it for an award!
14th-Jan-2012 09:50 pm - Rose This Week (1-1 to 1-14)
Scorpius and Rose Sexy
Mod's Must Read Choice This Week:
Cruel Sense of Humor Rose/Scorpius open_atclose drabble

The Dinner Guest Rose/Scorpius shy_of_reality one-shot
Fire Burning in the Snow Rose/Scorpius laurels drabble

Ravenclaw Rose Rose vividescent
2nd-Jan-2012 09:03 pm - Rose This Week (9-12 to 12-31)
Rose Baby
So sorry for my long hiatus. I just feel behind and never got around to catching up until now. I'm going to try and get back on a weekly schedule.

Fire Burning in the Snow Rose/Scorpius laurels drabble
The Weasley Family Christmas Rose/Scorpius thenewradical one-shot
Tiny People with Tiny Lives Rose/Draco scarletladyy one-shot
Untoward Rose/Scorpius ladielazarus one-shot
White Lies and Black Truths Rose&Hermione solstice_muse one-shot
Compare This Rose/Scorpius AC Tadhg one-shot
A Dangerous Game Rose/Scorpius anonymous one-shot
A Different Future Rose/Albus ayumi-nb one-shot
Winterlude Rose/Scorpius anonymous one-shot
Much the Same Smile Rose/Draco secretsalex one-shot
Uncase Rose/Scorpius bendleshnitz1 drabble
Dirty Child Rose/Draco bendleshnitz1 one-shot
Solitary Confinement Rose/Scorpius drcjsnider one-shot
With Authority Rose/Scorpius ladielazarus one-shot
Fool in Love Rose/Scorpius makoshark8 one-shot
Elaborate Lives Rose/Scorpius flimsydragonfly one-shot
Summer Haze Rose/Scorpius magic_knickers one-shot
Till Marriage Do Us Part Rose/Scorpius enchantedteapot one-shot
It Had To Be You Rose/Scorpius lunalovepotter one-shot
Playmates Rose/Scorpius ginny112 one-shot
The Truth Inside Your Lies Rose/Scorpius xxx_angelin_xxx 3 chapters
Words Get in the Way Rose/Scorpius rose_starr one-shot
You Are the Only Exception Rose/Scorpius i_am_girlfriday one-shot
The Time That Crazy Old Uncle Aethefride Came in Handy and Helped Get the Girl Rose/Scorpius kadollan one-shot
Cauldron Tests Don't Lie Rose/Scorpius sybermathwitch one-shot
We Stand and Face the Storm Rose/Scorpius realmer06 2 chapters
Cleaning Up This Holy Mess Rose/Scorpius firefly1344 one-shot
The Skeleton Attends the Wedding Rose/Scorpius mollywheezy one-shot
Introductions Rose/Scorpius ladielazarus one-shot

Dear Gerdy-Ch. 8 Rose/Scorpius shy_of_reality WIP

The Art of Christmas Cuddling Rose/Teddy anonymous NWS
Rose Weasley Rose rhieme
Hermione and Rose Rose&Hermione ljiuy
Rose Weasley - DH Epilogue Rose aliceinlalaland260
Halloween with the Weasley Rose&Family mizorekibishi
Rose Rose charmontez
Till the Water Turns Cold Rose thilia NWS
Pretty Little Eyes Rose/Scorpius rotae
11th-Sep-2011 09:32 pm - Rose This Week (8-22 to 9-11)
Rose Barbie
I so need the smrw_ficafest to begin so that I can read some stuff about our girl.

Mod's Must Read Choice of the Week:
Learning to Let Go Rose/Scorpius &Hermione/Ron shy_of_reality one-shot

See Ya On the Pitch Rosie Rose/Scorpius Sukieblackmore
SxR Rose/Scorpius Phantasmicbunny
Rose Weasley Rose Nat-Nat117
Harry Potter Next Generation Rose/Scorpius/Al Rai-Kage
Scorpius and Rose Rose/Scorpius anamour
21st-Aug-2011 04:47 pm - Rose This Week (8-1 to 8-21)
Rose Covergirl
Mod's Must Read Choice of the Week:
Fade in the Sun Rose/Draco bitchet one-shot

Learning the Truth Rose/Draco anonymous one-shot
Letting Gryffindor Win Rose/Scorpius thinkxpink drabble
Bloodcrossed: A Rose/Scorpius Fan[Fic]Mix - Part I Bloodcrossed: A Rose/Scorpius Fan[Fic]Mix - Part II Rose/Scorpius ladielazarus drabbles
The Malfoy Name Rose/Scorpius magic_knickers drabble
Better Company Rose/Cormac a_gypsys_dance drabble

Now or Never - Ch. 32 Rose/Scorpius queenb23more WIP

Rose and Scorpius Rose/Scorpius kittyhawk58
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